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The co-founders of KinesioTech initially met when they formed a group for their Senior Capstone Project at Arizona State University. As Electrical Engineering students, they chose one another based on their mutual interest in creating a biomedical device that could help people. Through the initial design process of their first product, they quickly realized that they formed a well-balanced team with a drive to innovate while giving back to society. With their combined clinical and technical backgrounds, they formed KinesioTech to revolutionize technology for rehabilitation.

Our Team: About Us
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Our Team: Our Team
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Communications Integration Lead

Co-Founder & Partner

An Electrical Engineer with over 15 years of experience in RF Systems. He has been the Ground Systems and Infrastructure Manager for the Naval Research Laboratory on Diego Garcia since 2015. With his engineering and managerial experience as well as his broad vision of systems, Michael offers a wide range of insight into design development and the business side of all projects.



Product and Market Research Lead

Co-Founder & Partner

A multi-disciplinary engineer with over 8 years of engineering experience for a biofuel combined heat and power generation company and additional experience in project management and engineering design. With his project experience and mechanical & civil engineering knowledge, JJ contributes insight into research and design and is also able to identify and resolve mechanical issues in projects.



Team & Software Design Lead
Co-Founder & Partner

A Physical Therapist since 2014 and a Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist in PT since 2018. She is set to acquire her BSE in Electrical Engineering in 2021 and has supervisory and coding experience. With her clinical and technical expertise, she will provide unique insight into designing clinically relevant projects and will contribute to  software development for all projects.

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